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The 8th Sign

I Predict a Riot

You can usually profile rioters.

Aside from the Hooray Henries like Charlie Gilmour defacing the Cenotaph in London a few years back and, probably, chicken-hearted weaklings who get swept up in the craze, most rioters are less-intelligent people who prefer to let their fists do the talking.

People of the Left, basically.

It's true.  Whilst intelligence is a difficult thing to gauge, according to some - and, according to others, a politically-incorrect thing to measure - the fact remains that those who can't string two words together without following each with a finger, in both senses of the word, are keen enough to string considerably more than two punches together.  Punches feel good, don't they - get all that energy out of your system, flatter your emotions by giving them control.

And this is the problem.  As my old dad used to say, and probably still does, it's up there for thinking and down there for dancing - but when people think with their emotions, when they react rather than reason, then anything's possible: most of it bad.

Take, for example, the case of Dilbert creator, Scott Adams.  He's on record as saying that he's been given death threats which would be realised if he doesn't throw his support behind Hillary Clinton.  Many of her former minions have met with suspicious ends after letting her down - it's like a badly-drawn Bond villain - and, let's not forget Barack Obama who, against Mit Romney at the last election, cursed him in a heap whereas Romney was being courteous in saying that Obama was a kindly but deluded man.

Of course, you have groups like Black Lives Matter which, even with the wafer-thin possibility that it wasn't violent in intent at its inception, certainly grew to feature violence as its main event, to the point where it's now more about Black supremacy than civil rights.  And of course, no mention of leftist violence would be complete without covering the fascist shenanigans of Unite Against Fascism and Hope Not Hate whose main weapon, it seems, is mindless thuggery.

Perhaps the most poignant example of this vindictiveness is the war waged against Bloggers and those who would tell the truth.  We have seen, of course, how Grand Vizier Clinton wants all the alternative press shut down, and how she conflates the likes of Breitbart, Alex Jones and, perhaps, even this little contribution, with some axis of evil.  But individuals are also being empowered by Clinton's example to bully and intimidate.  Take TJ Sotomayor, who regularly rails against the trashiness of certain Black women.  One such Black woman, calling herself c0ntrolla on Instagram, has threatened to kidnap, rape and kill his young daughter.  Watch and weep.

If she had any intelligence, she'd be discussing it openly in a civilised manner, as the gentleman is doing.  But no, she has to metaphorically use her fists.  She's just like the rest of the SJW crowd who, not being able to present a cogent argument, instead descend to argumentum ad hominem at best.

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Please please leave but we all know they won't The Hollywood set are so full of themselves anyway. Hopefully we won't have to see them at all the Washington affairs . Is it me or did Obama seem attracted to the Hollywood elite .


This is the vote of the American electorate,and no one has the right to judge,does any one think that Hillary would have been a good choice?For the Clinton Brand maybe certainly not the states though.The world order is changing and the establishment don't like it,but Donald Trump won't be the only one there are elections in Italy and Austria next month and next year we have them in France and Netherlands and Germany....Donald Trump despite all the odds will be the 45th president,and who knows he may turn out to be one of the better ones.

I think we can safely say that, with the election of President Trump, World War III can be safely avoided.

without doubt now e have world war three on the horizon because these crazed idiots will be in control of an army we can count our lucky stars we have at least one normal person in control